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Project Management

Proven track record.
Y5ZONE - Wireless Network Consulting

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Proven Track Record. Delivered.

Y5ZONE has a proven track record of highly-successful project implementation, with a clear focus on minimised development costs and fast delivery to market. Our comprehensive wireless project management services – comprised of extensive planning, detailed design and precise management – are designed to ensure a successful first-time system launch, every time.

Successful implementation of a wireless automation system requires intimate knowledge of hardware, software, and information technology systems—and how they interrelate. All wireless project roll-outs require a portion of your internal resources. However, leveraging an outside professional wireless project manager allows internal staff to focus on their primary responsibilities, while gaining a wide range of expertise.

Our Project Managers are highly-regarded specialists in every aspect of wireless system development, from consultancy to design, and from construction to test and commissioning. After years in the industry, we realize that no two projects are the same, and neither are two Project Managers. We hand-pick the ideal Y5ZONE Project Manager, based on expertise and experience, to manage your specific project requirements.

Our project management methodology

To ensure a smooth integration of your wireless solution, Y5ZONE Project Managers are actively engaged throughout the implementation cycle, working to reduce risk and securing success by.

Creating and building partnerships with customers.


Proactively identifying and addressing issues with potential company-wide impact.


Maintaining and managing project goals and responsibilities.


Following intensive quality assurances via standard, time-tested methodology and well-documented change control procedures.


Project Management Responsibilities – The art and science of planning and coordination


Coordinate a project kickoff meeting


Coordinate all project tasks and resources


Manage the project within scope


Track the project according to the project plan


Report progress against the project plan


Record variances/deviations from the project plan


Record and resolve problems, issues, and open items


Acquire customer approval for changes


Monitor actual vs. budget (estimates) as it applies to timing and costs


Acquire sign-off on deliverables


Document and report project status (Customer and Y5ZONE)


Facilitate project acceptance testing and overall project acceptance


Transition to support, debrief & close project.

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